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We know you’re overwhelmed! We know you’re sick of the chaos. You are not alone and we can help!

Simply Organized Chaos is the creation of Kara Irvine, both a small business owner and mother of three. She’s created a unique service that offers clients a personal touch to organizing their homes.  

Her approach is to keep it simple, beautiful and easy to maintain, working directly with each client to create custom solutions for every space in their home; from closets to garages, and playrooms to pantry.  

As a personal client, you will receive a thorough consultation that results in a design plan, product recommendations and a scheduled timeline for implementation. Kara will walk with you each step of the way, helping you find a place for everything and teaching you new habits to help you maintain your newly organized space.  

You don’t have to be overwhelmed and buried in your stuff. Let Kara help you!​